Happy Golfer Now!
Automate the full swing in three easy steps.
Automate the pitch shot in two easy steps.
Learn an easy way to putt straight down the line and a simple way to calibrate for distance on any kind of green.
You know in your heart that you can play great golf. You watch the pro's on the PGA Tour and you get the feeling that you can do this. You know you can't compete in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL. You know you can't stand up to a 95 mile-per-hour fastball and have any chance at all of hitting a baseball. But golf? You don't need a helmet, and you don't need to run. Just hit a little ball that's sitting motionless on the ground or on a tee and take a few minutes to casually walk to where you hit it.
Tom Macaulay's method can work for everyone. The golfer shown above is 66 years old, and he uses the Tom Macaulay method of golf to shoot in the 70's from the blue tees playing mostly on weekends. Imagine playing Pebble Beach or St. Andrews or any of the great and famous golf courses of the world -- knowing that you're going to hit fairways and greens and make putts! You definitely will be a happy golfer!
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Author U.S. Andersen defined 'happiness' as 'the movement toward meaningful goals with the feeling that you can achieve them. If you are not a happy golfer, it is because you have the feeling that you're not on the right track. Tom Macaulay's 3 simple swing keys can put you on the right track and help you become a happy golfer -- now!
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